Stealth, Atlanta

The 33-foot-high sculpture is made out of 52 cubic yards of concrete and 8 tons of steel reinforcing bars. The structure is founded on a 16 in. thick mat foundation which supports its 65,000 lb weight. Although Stealth has characteristics of steel, it is made entirely of solid black concrete.

Stealth was commissioned by Cousins Properties as a way to bring life to a lackluster stretch of 15th Street between Peachtree and West Peachtree streets. The sculpture doubles as seating: the base, designed as benches, is intended to invite people to use the plaza as a place to meet and relax.

Stealth was designed to be a commissioned work of art for Cousin Properties and thier newly acquired downtown skyscraper, Promenade. It serves as a focal point for their main entrance way that shares 15th street with the Woodruff Arts Center (an artistic hub with a rich history and expansive community outreach).

The sculpture subtly transforms itself, expanding and collapsing in-between two-dimensional figure and three-dimensional form as viewers move toward, around, and through the work. It projects a vertical rectangle and a vertical hexagon which interlock and create a three-dimensional form. Stealth is a spatial work of cognition, illusion, and transformation.

Each piece of formwork was built from three layers of 1/4 in. bent marine-grade plywood. The process used in assembling was very similar to boat building. The plywood face was then sanded and filled with gypsym, sealed and urethaned, in order to create a smooth surface.

After the forms were transported to the site, they were stacked in sections to allow multiple lifts to be performed as it continued to go vertical. The concrete had to be expertly designed to decrease the variation of color from pour to pour. Finished in October 2015, it took more than two years for the project to be completed.

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