Same colors, different outcomes

This photo of a patio on a wooded lot appears to have been taken in the morning or evening, when the sun was at a low angle. As a result, the Millstone integral concrete color with Smoke antiquing release combination takes on a golden cast that perfectly complements the home’s stucco finish. I’ll bet countless customers have chosen their colors based upon this photo. In fact, I speak to them daily as they attempt to choose colors for their projects.

The photo of this stamped patio was taken in full sunlight, so the same products look completely different. The Millstone base color appears tan/beige. The Smoke release is evident only in the joints and depressions, which indicates the slab was vigorously cleaned of release before sealing.

This stamped entryway and steps are under a canopy that provides shades from the sun. The Millstone/Smoke color combination appears much darker than the other two photos. This may be because of the lack of direct sunlight, the roof reflecting in the sealer, or perhaps the installer removed less antiquing release than the contractor from the second photo.

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