Successful Floors, Slabs, and Toppings

Popoff Concrete worked closely with its ready-mix producer to build this floor for its own operations using a low-shrinkage mix and macrofibers to extend joint spacing to 20x25 feet. After a year, there were no cracks and minimal curling.

To get the floor the owner of the Javits Center, New York City, wanted, Peter Ruttura stepped up and ran the prepour conference and made sure the minutes were comprehensive and accurate so that there could be no disagreements afterwards.

This Mercedes Benz plant in Washington Twp., N.J. with both steel and macrosynthetic fibers worked out so well, that the owner had the contractor build two more floors in Chicago and Los Angeles.

The architect for this laboratory (Lee Hall III in Clemson, S.C.) wanted no joints and no cracks. The contractor convinced the owner that could only be accomplished with a 4-inch unbonded polished topping.

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