Putting up the form work for the walls of the oil rig.

Students power-washed the forms that were used to help make the walls.

The hose for the water to fill the oil rig up fell out and the structure began to sink unevenly.

CIM USA watched as the structure sank on its own when the hose for the water fell out and hoping that it will straighten out and not completely tip and be underwater.

All the students from NJIT, MTSU & Chico State taking their hard hats off to salute a weeks worth of hard work, dedication and team work to a successful job well done.

All the students standing proud in front of the structure before flooding the area to see if it will float.

The students set up the rebar for the reinforcement within the walls.

CIM USA tied the rebar properly together and double checked all the measurements were correct.

Setting up the platform to place on top of the superstructure.

Guiding the shaft filled with concrete in the designated areas to make the wall.

Mounting the super structure in place before getting ready to pour concrete proved to be an easy task for the team.

Cleaning up the work area to prep for the exterior form work of the walls to be put together.

Team CIM USA pours the concrete and vibrates the walls to form the walls for the platform.

The team needed to distribute the concrete evenly across the top of the structure.

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