Team Unites to Repair a Modernist Landmark

Extensive shoring was needed to support the Temples south wall during roof repairs. To make sure shoring posts were set only on solid soil, ground-penetrating radar was used to locate and map underground heating tunnels.

Art glass clerestory windows were removed for safekeeping, and cleaned and restored during the repair project.

To minimize vibrations and prevent further damage, Zera Construction crews used small air hammers to remove deteriorated concrete from one limited area at a time.

Much of the original twisted square and plain round reinforcement was salvaged and supplemented with new No. 4 rebar. Galvanic anode hockey pucks (at top) were wire-tied to rebar to enhance corrosion protection.

New lightweight structural concrete mix was placed by hand one section at a time.

Interior of the Unity Temple sanctuary shows the restored south roof and ceiling above the pulpit.

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