The Rise and Fall of Moisture - Related Flooring Problems

Early stage implementation of a moisture mitigation strategy helps to save time and can reduce costs. Moisture-related problems with floor covering and coating installations over concrete floor slabs have been a serious and extremely costly issue for many years. While moisture has always been a concern for flooring installations, such problems became far more common over the past 25 years.

New generation vapor retarders not only have extremely low permeance, but are also capable of standing up to construction traffic. With mandates from organizations within the flooring industry, and from the manufacturers of flooring materials, the installation of an effective, low-permeance vapor retarder placed directly below the slab is not optional when a moisture-sensitive flooring material is being installed over a concrete slab on ground.

The search for easier, more cost-effective solutions to mitigating slab moisture on new construction projects has led to early-stage approaches such as rapid-drying concrete and early application of two-part, no-limit, hybrid epoxy coatings that today are helping to reliably make moisture-related flooring problems a thing of the past.

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