The Wonderful World of Overlays

Designed to rejuvenate worn, damaged, or ugly concrete, there are overlays to fit virtually any need. They can be used to correct elevation problems, restore the look of plain gray brushed concrete, or transform a drab floor or wall into something colorful and dramatic. They may be integrally colored or tinted with liquid stain after the fact, so the owner’s design choices are nearly unlimited.

Stampable overlay material is capable of showing the fine detail of these stamped coins. Overlays are exceptionally durable. Compressive strengths of polymer-modified overlays range from around 6,000 psi to well over 8,000 psi, whereas the concrete beneath is typically about 4,000 psi. This harder surface is very abrasion-resistant.

Microtopping and acid stain rejuvenated this gouged and pitted floor. An overlay is only as good as the surface to which it’s applied. If the concrete surface is weak, scaling, crumbling, or dusting, it must be stabilized before applying an overlay. All loose material should be completely removed before attempting to coat it.

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