Third Straw

Barge-mounted Putzmeister concrete placing system places 12,000 cu yds (9,175m³) of concrete underwater to secure a water intake structure for the Third Straw project, which will draw water from the Lake Mead reservoir.

An aerial view of the equipment barge, which staged two complete concrete placing system setups—one operational, one backup.

Continuous tremie pour lasts 12 days, with concrete outputs peaking over 100 cu yds an hour (76m³/hr).

Step 1: Ready-mix trucks are loaded on a transport barge, eight at a time, to deliver concrete for a tremie pour almost three miles from shore.

Step 2: Concrete is discharged from ready-mix trucks onto Maxon conveyors located on the equipment barge.

Step 3: The concrete is conveyed into a Maxcrete remix surge hopper, which provided a high capacity to ensure a continuous concrete flow to the BSA 14000 HP-D trailer-mounted pump when transitioning to the next barge of ready-mix trucks.

Step 4: A 38-meter Putzmeister placing boom places the concrete into a tremie pipe that sends the concrete 390 ft (119m) underwater.

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