Transforming History

For the refurbishment of the dome, the modular scaffold system serves both as shoring as well as working scaffold.

After completion, a total of 8500 sq. m. of exhibition space will be available under the three domes.

The scaffolding system allows optimum adaptation to suit the 21-m.-high dome geometry and thus provides extremely safe working platforms.

Due to the metric basic grid dimensions, shoring towers and stairways could be integrated in the birdcage scaffolding without any problem.

The scaffold nodes offer a wide range of connecting possibilities and provide very rigid node connections with a high load-bearing capacity.

Optimal working conditions at a height of almost 20 m. for carrying out the extensive refurbishment measures on the underside of the dome.

The facade scaffolding complete with site stair tower access supplements the comprehensive scaffold solution for the maritime museum.

Safe working conditions for the structural refurbishment, which also includes work carried out externally: The required inner guardrail can be quickly mounted to the scaffold system and without the need of any additional components.

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