Using Bar Mats to Increase Productivity

Bar mat designs in two-way slabs increase productivity 300% to 400% by incorporating all the steel area variations, stagger dimensions, and precise wire spacing into the sheet designs, eliminating field time sorting, spacing, and measuring bars.

Production is specific to each project in accordance with an approved set of value-engineered bar mat installation drawings that are designed to replace repetitive and time-consuming rebar installation with a more efficient bar mat design.

Bar mats are made from grade 80 steel, enabling the designer to produce precise areas of steel, which eliminates over-steeling, keeping material costs down.

Mike Martin, president of Steif Concrete Work, says they saved 1,000 labor hours by using welded bar mats on the Poquessing interceptor tank project instead of hand-tying.

“[We have] been realizing the benefits of welded reinforcing steel for over 20 years,” says Rich Futterer, vice president of Forcine Concrete & Construction Co.

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