Using Prefabricated Wood Forms

Radial forms are created in the shop.


Forms arrive at the job site ready to use.

Seattle floating bridge forms were very complx.

Using UFP forms on the Seattle floating bridge simplified the process.

Fort Collins, CO – January 17, 2014 Concrete forming products by Universal Forest Products, Inc. in use at a large construction site in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S., on Friday, January 17, 2014. Photographer: Matthew Staver ©2014 Matthew Staver For the use of Universal Forest Products, or any editorial use directly related to Universal Forest Products only. No other use by any other company or entity granted.

Blockouts are stripped by pushing them through to below afterthe concrete has gained full strength.

There's more blockout than there is slab.

The slab is ready for concrete placement and finishing.

UFPI wood products for the 7th Street Bridge in Fort Worth, Texas. Repetitive pieces like these are all exactly teh same size.

Complex formwork systems can be fabricated in the shop and easily assembled onsite.

Trusses arrive mostly assembled and sized as need for the application.

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