Waterproofing After Hurricane Sandy

Harbor waters rose along the coast of Manhattan as Superstorm Sandy rolled in.


The floor waterproofed with crystalline slurry.

The newly created waterproof room awaiting installation of submarine doors at the door openings.

Birds’ eye view of the fortified mechanical room.

Exterior view of the newly created waterproof room.

Exterior view of the new interior waterproof wall.

Street-level view of the new wall.

Water begins to breach the Hudson river seawall during Superstorm Sandy.

Workers wall off the mechanical room to protect it from flooding waters.

Crystalline key and slurry prior to forming.

Crews create the wall around the mechanical room.

Formed room.

Section showing crystalline slurry prior to wall pour.

Formwork and wood-furred joint detail, which shows the void made for the crystalline jointing material.

Krystal crystalline grout is applied between the wall and slab.

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