Waterproofing Bloomberg Office after Hurricane Sandy

Harbor waters rose along the coast of Manhattan as Superstorm Sandy rolled in.

The Hudson River's tides from Hurricane Sandy breached the sea wall in New York's Westchester County.

The forms which would eventually make up the protective walls of Bloomberg's mechanical room.

The walls contain a Krystol Internal Membrane, crystalline admix, to reduce concrete's permeability.

The now-protected mechanical room, from above. During Hurricane Sandy the room took 2.5 feet of flooding.

The inner workings of the mechanical room. The restructuring was executed by Weidlinger Associates and WSP Flack Kurtz.

The reinforcement and wood to fur-out crystalline keyway for watertight Krystol waterstop.

The outside formed corners, poured monolithically with wood furring that will be removed to eventually receive the crystalline waterstop keyway.

Preparing rebar and joints for the waterstop keyway at the wall's base.

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