World Trade Center Memorial Fountain

Tthe 9/11 museum exhibition (seen in the distance) will feature three levels descending below ground and will provide access to the original foundation of the twin towers.

More than 50,000 sq. ft. of Frami and Framax wall formwork was provided to construct the museum.

Concrete contractor Navillus Concrete selected Doka’s Frami framed formwork system to form the 720 lineal ft. of walls on both fountains, each fountain spanning 200x200 ft. Because of the existing structural steel and the decking that was already in place, forming had to be handset for this project.

Reaching heights of more than 63 ft., Navillus used Doka’s large 2.7x2.4-m. Framax panels on the exposed side, and Frami with custom aluminum walings on the un-exposed side.

Doka provided wall formwork to construct the new concrete exposed walls with Framax Xlife, which provided the smooth architectural finish required.

The handset system Frami, used to form the Memorial Fountains, is light enough to be man handled, yet rugged enough be ganged by a crane.

The memorial and museum, which will cost roughly $500 million, will open to the public Sept. 11, 2011, as tower construction continues.

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