Worthy of Remembrance

After the faceted edge forming was completed, reveal strips and ShadowCast formliners were placed.

Custom fabricated steel embeds were installed in the wall panels and interface with channels cast into the roof panel.

Here is a closer view of the custom fabricated steel embeds.

The panels were lifted to large steel frames for additional polishing and transport.

This intricate bench and sign panels were formed, cast, and polished. Lifting insert locations were designed to remain hidden.

The faceted edges of the wall panels were polished with the panel on a steel frame.

This is the first panel set into place on the project.

Large steel embeds in the foundation (1 ft. 3 in. long) were used in the base connection to the panels.

Flatwork was completed around the wall panels while the roof panel was being built.

The roof panel was lifted into place and the connections made using a crane.

The overall shape of each of the three main panels (two wall panels, one roof panel) was a parallelogram with 45-degree angles.

The images cast into the wall panels reveal themselves from certain angles even in shade.

The images were cast with the help of custom-made formliners.

The articulation of the edges of the tilt-up panels and the use of them to mediate between the horizontal and vertical planes of concrete not only highlights the effectiveness of manipulating the one formed edge of a tilt-up panel, it aids in the reading of the overall form as a continuous ribbon.

Openings in the walls and roof break up the mass of the large panels and provide additional layers of light and transparency.

Reveals in the surface of the panels on both the interior and exterior reinforce the geometry of the structure and again aid in reducing the scale of the panels.

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