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  • A Block for Greener Walls

    Made from natural mineral compounds, this alternative to standard concrete masonry units mimics the look of raw rock.

  • DeWalt DW0822 Layout Laser

    This combination tool shoots both lines and dots, and can be used in place of a plumb bob.

  • Dust Shrouds for Hammers

    Bosch introduces the HDC100, HDC200, HDC250 and HDC300 — an all-new lineup of dust collection attachments for its SDS-plus and SDS-max spline hammers.


Most Popular

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    Lithium Silicate Densifiers

    Lithium silicate chemical hardeners for concrete have been growing in market share in comparison to sodium or potassium silicates, increasing in direct proportion to diamond-polished floor work. So why are lithium silicate densifiers sales increasing?

  • Hard hat Light

    A loop of LED lights makes the Halo Light a unique way to illuminate a jobsite.

  • Something Better Co. Wall Crete Carpentry Panels

    The vertical panels of reinforced concrete contain either stone, slate, black diamonds, or beach pebbles to create marble-like finishes.


Case Studies

tower 4 of the new world trade center site used various formwork products to address construction challenges.

Climbing and Shoring Equipment Aid in Tower Construction

Various shoring products were used to construct the World Trade Center's Tower 4.


Building Systems

  • Expressions Ltd. countertop forms

    Redesigned to increase strength and minimize warping associated with PVC/plastic forms, these reusable countertop edge forms are easy to...

  • Sym-Ply Forming System

    The Sym-Ply forming system is a lightweight system that can be hand-ganged, meaning gang assembly can be done quickly and efficiently...

  • Mako Screed Rail System

    Concrete contractors are using this Screed Support System to maintain the finished elevation of concrete while increasing F-numbers and...




General Equipment

  • Hard hat Light

    A loop of LED lights makes the Halo Light a unique way to illuminate a jobsite.

  • Camfil Air Pollution Control Clean Sweep

    The Clean Sweep pneumatic vacuum accessory provides an economical clean-up solution by adding a high-vacuum wand to a low-vacuum dust...

  • Chicago Pheumatic Breakers

    Two new handheld breakers offer the same quality and versatility as previous pneumatic breaker models, but with updated features, more...






  • Polyethylene Drum Mixer

    A simple tap with a rubber mallet cleans out dried material from the drum in minutes without dents or cracks.

  • Next Generation Mixer Drum

    Drum's spherical shape ensures efficient mixing; benefits include increased capacity and more efficient mixing.

  • Front-discharge Mixer

    Mixer introduces CAN bus technology, which reduces wiring connections and provides real-time diagnostics.


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