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    Safety with Saws

    A cutoff saw is an essential tool for every concrete contractor.

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    Lithium Silicate Densifiers

    Lithium silicate chemical hardeners for concrete have been growing in market share in comparison to sodium or potassium silicates, increasing in direct proportion to diamond-polished floor work. So why are lithium silicate densifiers sales increasing?

  • Experts’ Choice: Concrete Block Spacer

    The CMU Spacer is simply an installation aid for erecting concrete masonry walls. Using the patented CMU Spacers with a modified concrete masonry unit, enables anyone to install concrete block with proper alignment and spacing. CMU Spacers allow for high level production and quality of installation.


2016 MIP Nominees

Check out the nominees of the 2016 Most Innovative Products Awards!


Manufacturer News

  • Arizona Polymer Flooring Acquires Super-Krete International

    Concrete floor coatings have been gaining unprecedented popularity over the last two decades. In fact, Transparency Market Research recently released a report about the global concrete floor coatings market that revealed the industry will reach $1.1 billion in the United States alone by the end of...

  • W. R. MEADOWS celebrates 90th anniversary with employee recognition

    In 1926, a young entrepreneur in Elgin, Illinois understood how important transportation would be to future development in the United States. W.R. ‘Bob” Meadows realized that seasonal conditions played havoc to the expansion and contraction of concrete and saw an opportunity how to control these...

  • Simpson Strong-Tie Helps Habitat For Humanity Build More Resilient and Stronger Homes

    Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, today announced its support of Habitat for Humanity’s new Habitat Strong program to help local Habitat for Humanity organizations build stronger, more resilient homes across the U.S. Along with...


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  • Waterbourne Concrete Densifer

    Liqui-Hard Ultra concrete densifier and chemical hardener from W.R. Meadows is a waterborne, lithium-silicate-based, ready-to-use...

  • Self-leveling Joint Filler

    SL Series from VersaFlexis is designed to the highest standards for construction and for restoring joints.

  • Fast-curing Joint Filler

    Polyurea SWL odorless joint filler from ChemCo Systems can be placed by machine or hand-mix and will never become stringy.


Case Studies

Fast-Setting Cement Used Around the World

Projects around the world benefit from cements that allow speedy construction.

  • An historic landmark more than a century old, El Bethel Missionary Baptist Church now welcomes visitors to enjoy views of the adjacent public park from brick pews.

    Shotcrete Repairs for Historic Structure

    An abandoned historic church was transformed into a public park in Houston by using shotcrete to stabilize the walls.

  • Tilt-up Award: Look Cinema

    Constructing this 11-screen theater offered several unique challenges, including the building’s unique shape.

  • Waterproofing Shotcrete

    Waterproofing shotcrete can be challenging, but when done correctly, it saves time and money, while also allowing for considerable design...