Green building is defined by the way materials and design work together to create long-lasting and environmentally friendly structures. For the third year in a row, Concrete Construction and its sister publication, The Concrete Producer, present the GreenSite Awards to honor concrete's contribution to sustainable construction.

Although concrete producers continue to develop green concrete solutions, they are joined and supported in this goal by forward-thinking contractors, architects, and materials suppliers. This year's winning projects include excellent examples of how their collaboration is raising the bar for sustainability in concrete construction.

The GreenSite Award winners showcase concrete's most significant contributions to green building. These innovations include replacing asphalt with pervious concrete, saving time and materials with modular precast, reducing concrete's carbon footprint with supplementary cementitious materials, and replacing steel reinforcement with recycled synthetic fibers.

Some winning projects have been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED certification program, although many feature sustainable attributes that go above and beyond the requirements of green rating systems. The GreenSite Awards proudly recognize the concrete industry's efforts to help define sustainable construction for future generations.

Proximity Hotel

Concrete Village

West Hollywood Hotel & Residence

Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir

Erie Art Museum

David & Molly Begent Residence

Vancouver Olympic Village

Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

One World Trade Center

Randall Bordel House

Hawthorne Residence

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