The MSP450 is the first riding trowel to have what we call “versus steering”. Where most concrete equipment manufactures make trowels that only have lock steering or only independent steering, Allen has made a machine that can do both. We find in our industry that contractors and dealers are divided on whether or not they want a trowel that can lock or go independent – we have created an avenue to satisfy both types of customers and make everyone’s job easier. The MSP450 comes with incredible rotor speed for a diesel engine, hitting up to 180 RPM with pans.

The engineering team at Allen put together a unique variable speed clutch and transmission system coupled to the proven forty four horsepower Kubota V 1505 turbo diesel providing unequaled torque for panning and unequaled finishing speed. For customers working in hotter climates, the MSP450 has liquid-cooled power to make sure the machine doesn’t overheat minimizing down time. This machine has the gusto and grit to get through the hardest concrete jobs. It satisfies different kinds of customers with different kinds of preferences. The MSP450 is paving the way for more variety in the riding trowel industry and we’re excited for what’s to come.