Mold. Efflorescence. Rot. Deterioration. If moisture penetrates concrete masonry walls, it can jeopardize the longevity and beauty of a design and result in costly warranty claims for the contractor. What mason contractors need is a system where both the CMU unit and mortar act in tandem for moisture barrier protection.

The RainBloc System provides repellency technologies — factory engineered into both the masonry and mortar. This forms a continuous shield against wind-driven rain for the life of the building, without impacting aesthetics or installation ease.

RainBloc technology is added to each CMU during the manufacturing process, assuring moisture resistance is an integral part of the block—so it won’t chip, wash or wear off for the life of the product. RainBloc bonds to the capillary pores of the cured material to inhibit moisture from migrating through the block. Instead, moisture drains toward flashing and weep holes. Step 2 of the RainBloc system is water Repellent Amerimix Mortars with RainBloc GP ® - AMXWRM 410 & AMXWRM 510.

Available in 80 lb. or 3,000 lb. bulk bag, these products meet or exceed all upload requirements of ASTM C1384: Standard Specification for Admixtures. RainBloc GP from Amerimix is the only mortar solution that offers a patented formulation with a tracer component, allowing you to easily verify that the mortar you spec is the mortar that’s used—even after the mortar has hardened—helping assure total quality compliance.

It’s added peace of mind for both architects and building owners, and only Amerimix offers it. Simulated tests generating 5.5 hours of rain per day at 62.5 mph showed that walls built with the RainBloc System experienced ZERO dampness on the back of the block face. This type of performance earns the RainBloc wall assembly system an “E” for excellent rating from the National Concrete Masonry Association. As part of Echelon Masonry, the Rainbloc system can be paired with any Trenwyth or Quik-Brick masonry unit for a true one truck solution for the jobsite.

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