Describes an extruded structural aluminum beam that fits readily into the standard configuration of conventional job-built forming systems, yet it offers a higher load-carrying capacity and longer service life than comparable wood supports. Developed by Channel Form Systems Inc., Lions Bay, British Columbia, the beam has a cross section that resembles two small channels placed back-to-back. Used as a single wales, the beams can support unframed plywood panels for wall forms. Used as singles or doubles, they can serve as joist, studs, or strongbacks for other types of formwork, such as gang forms. Continuous slide tracks at both beam edges accommodate a variety of bolted connections. The beams are extruded to overall dimensions of 1 « x3 « inches and are available in 4-, 8-, and 12-foot lengths. They weigh only 1.8 pounds per foot yet offer a load-carrying capacity similar to that of 4x6 lumber.