The 2007 Most Innovative Products contest—held each year at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas—showcases just a fraction of the new products that appeared at the show. In all, 137 entries competed in 14 different categories. Here are the winners for Attendees' Choice and Experts' Choice awards. In one case, Cementec pulled in both awards in the Concrete Making Materials category. In Placement Tools & Equipment, two companies—Somero Enterprises and Lura Enterprise—both were awarded Experts' Choice Awards.

The winners represent the range of thinking required to solve particular problems. The British Columbia Institute of Technology's jackhammer support arm solves the problem of steadying the movements a heavy, vibrating piece of equipment. Rider Rover's ride-on trowel mover is a unique solution to the common problem of transporting the machine from truck or trailer to the slab. Simplicity still rules with the Crete Sheet—a low-tech solution for small-volume concrete projects, which meets ACI mixing requirements while being extremely portable and inexpensive.