The Bilovesky family wanted a lot of different features in their backyard living space, making this project unique, says contractor Mike Denny. To respond to all of the requests, he included a fireplace, boulders built into the stamped concrete patio, a concrete and stone water bubbler, and fiber optic lighting poured into the patio floor.

“The fiber-optic lighting was hard to do because they wanted stamped concrete,” Denny says. “So we had to figure out a way to stamp the concrete with the fibers sticking out of it and not damage them.”

He first poured a base under the patio and drilled 600 small rods into it, and then attached the fibers to the rods using tie wire. Once this was completed, he ordered concrete that allowed plenty of time to finish with small mats around the wires. The light machine was placed in a watertight compartment hidden in the fireplace. A 10-man crew finished the project in about six weeks.