The new Bosch DH712VC Demolition Hammer features an impressive, best in class 9.6 ft lbs of impact energy (EPTA*) for maximum concrete removal. The tool also integrates Bosch's innovative vibration reduction technology which provides optimal comfort during all day chiseling and demolition applications. The DH712VC weighs in at an impressive (and industry best) 18.5 lbs while still maintaining power and performance. Traditionally, SDS-max(r) demolition hammers have come in 22-24 lb and 12-13 lb weight classifications to support contractors' needs for a tool that provides either maximum productivity (concrete removal) or optimal ergonomics (lower weight).

The lower weight tools sacrifice power to meet low weight targets, and are best suited when working overhead or in hard to reach places. Over the last 5-6 years, vibration reduction technologies have also been employed in select tools to reduce the fatigue caused by vibration in the tool during all day applications. This is all changing with the new Bosch DH712VC. The DH712VC has power and performance close to that of the 22-24 lb class hammers, at a light weight of 18.5 lbs. Bosch's vibration reduction technology in both the hammer mechanism and the main handle provides industry leading low vibration levels (EPTA*) given the best in class impact energy of 9.6 ft lbs (EPTA*). This now gives contractors' a wider selection for large demolition jobs where they must balance the application needs between maximized productivity and improved ergonomics.

In addition, the DH712VC maintains the many features common with other long standing Bosch hammers: variable speed dial for controlled chiseling, constant electronics to provide a consistent chiseling speed under load, an easy to use selector knob for the vario-lock function to allow chisels to be rotated to the optimum working angle, service minder brushes for easy preventative maintenance and the Bosch SDS-max® tool holder, which provides the most unique tool-free bit changes, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate to the concrete work surface.