The Bosch RH540M and RH540S feature an impressive best in class impact energy of 6.1 foot lbs (EPTA*) for maximum performance when drilling or chiseling into concrete. Compared to predecessor models 11240/11246, this is an impressive increase in impact energy of almost 40%. This improvement in impact energy also increases drilling speed and chiseling removal rate of up to 40% vs the predecessor models. The RH540S and RH540M also feature a 20% increase in motor power from 10amps to 12amps. Combine this with only a 6% increase in weight (from 13 lbs to 14 lbs) and you have an impressive new rotary hammer family from Bosch that will help contractors get the job done fast with less wear and tear on the body after a long day’s work.

Bosch also added a variable dial giving users better control, as needed, when either drilling and chiseling into concrete. In addition, these new tools also maintain features common with other long standing Bosch hammers: an easy to use selector knob so the contractor can switch from hammer drilling to chiseling, a vario-lock function (also part of the selector knob) to allow chisels to be rotated to the optimum working angle, service minder brushes for easy preventative maintenance and the Bosch SDS-max® tool holder (RH540M model), which provides the most unique tool-free bit changes, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate to the concrete work surface.