Reducing dust on the jobsite is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a requirement. Bosch Speed Clean Bits are built around an internal dust channel that delivers reduced dust in a lightweight concrete bit featuring 25 percent greater speed. The dust extraction bit system saves time, saves money and produces less dust than traditional drilling methods.

Bosch Speed Clean Bits are part of a comprehensive system that reduces dust while producing precise, clean holes quickly. Because the bit does not allow dust into the environment there are benefits to both workers and people located in the immediate area around the construction site. The bits work in conjunction with an attached vacuum system.

“Dust reduction is an important part of what Bosch Speed Clean Bits bring to the jobsite,” said Bill Dimitropoulos, product manager, concrete accessories, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “They also deliver a clean hole with 25 percent greater speed than conventional concrete bits.  That means more holes that meet specifications in less time, plus the best dust filtration for reduced environmental impact and greater adherence to clean air regulations.”

Bosch Speed Clean Bits offer great durability – comparable to the life of Bosch SpeedX Bits and Bosch Bulldog Bits. Solid carbide tips are embedded in a steel head with robust four-cutter geometry enhancing bit speed and life. In addition, each bit comes with a rubber connector that connects the shaft of the drill bit to the hose.

The system is optimized for adhesive anchoring applications, which require higher clean hole standards. 

Bosch Speed Clean Bits offer a range of sizes to fit both SDS-plus and SDS-max hammers. Primary users include concrete contractors, adhesive and mechanical anchor installers, civil construction workers and mechanical, electrical and plumbing professionals.

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