Bosch Tools offers the Airsweep 13-gallon wet/dry vacuum, which captures fine concrete dust down to 0.3 micron with optional HEPA filters. The maximum 6.5-hp motor draws 11.1 amps and uses 120 V service. Ruggedly constructed with a polypropylene tank, the compact unit fits in crowded vans and tight storage areas.

The Bosch vacuum operates as a regular vacuum or it can be activated by a power tool's on-off switch. In the latter mode, the vacuum will run for an additional seven seconds to clear the hose after the tool is turned off. To avoid blowing a circuit when both the tool and vacuum are running, the unit has a dial that lets you allocate the available power between them.

The Airsweep features an electromagnetic filter cleaning system that shakes the dual filter cartridges to remove dust and maintain maximum suction power.