So you've decided to give tilt-up a try. You've poured the concrete and lifted it in place. Now, what? The simple answer is don't let it fall over. The wind will be your biggest enemy, and braces are necessary to resist these lateral forces until permanent wall connections can be made. The Tilt-Up Concrete Association offers “The Guideline for Temporary Wind Bracing of Tilt-Up Concrete Panels During Construction” to help you.

This 15-page guide discusses the variables that affect the forces tilt-up bracing systems have to resist. The lateral pressure on newly erected panels will vary with wind velocity, the surface area of the panel, and the presence or absence of openings. Wind velocity (and therefore pressure) depends on the location of the building and seasonal conditions. The force also increases if the wind is accompanied by rain, snow, dust, or sand.

Other important resources for detailed information about tilt-up bracing systems are the manufacturers and their dealers. In this case, only a few companies make products specifically for this type of construction. The dominant players are Dayton/Richmond and Meadow Burke. Don De Cristo and Universal Form Clamp also provide tilt-up lifting and bracing hardware. Dayton/Richmond and Meadow Burke have a network of certified dealers that can assist with tilt-up projects.

One important dealer, with locations nationwide, is White Cap Construction Supply. Along with supplying Dayton/Richmond and Meadow Burke hardware, White Cap has developed its own software package, Panel Pro. It improves the accuracy and timeliness of critical job take-offs by incorporating exact panel engineering data in a fraction of the time. The program also generates quotes that can be faxed or emailed directly to the customer to streamline the bidding process.

Tilt-up construction requires engineering expertise in the layout of panels and the design of bracing systems. Each company offers a variety of bracing options for your situation. They can help you decide whether you need fixed-length braces or telescopic braces, and if you need any sub-support system of knee, lateral, or end braces. Relying on the bracing manufacturers also removes guesswork from the job and shares the responsibility and liability with experienced and knowledgeable partners.

Tilt-up is one of the fastest growing forms of construction. If you think it is right for you, the table provides contacts to help you take the first step. Circle the readers service numbers and mail the card in if you want further information from any of these companies.

Aluminum tilt-up forms

The Ez-Tilt-Up forming system is fast, easy to learn, and stands up to the most stringent inspections. It also saves on labor time and is more economical than lumber. Constructed of ridged aluminum, it comes in various sizes and can be further adjusted using spacers. It can be used as a standalone form or it can be used with Ez-Chamfer and Ez-Window Bucks for a simple way to include window and door openings. Concrete Form Services, 801-280-6992,

Lifts anything that fits in a truck

The Lift Off system allows contractors to pick up and unload heavy machinery or materials into a pickup truck at the touch of a button. Installation of this patent-pending device takes less than two hours, and there are no holes to drill. With a lifting capacity up to 1800 pounds, it's perfect for walk-behind saws, brick, block, barrels, or almost anything that fits in a truck. Models fit different truck sizes, and dumping models are also available. Lift Off Systems, 530-357-5256,

Clean, degrease driveways and parking lots

For preparing blacktop and masonry surfaces for sealing or staining, Driveway Kleen concentrated cleaner and degreaser removes oil, grease, mold, and dirt from driveways and parking lots. Packaged in an easy-to-use sprayer that turns a normal garden hose into a power washer, its jet action removes stubborn stains without damaging driveways, plants, or grass. It works on brick, mortar, concrete pavers and tiles, and other masonry and blacktop surfaces. Gardner-Gibson, 800-237-1155,

Diamond blades for every application

The Bosch diamond blade line features 62 segmented, turbo, and continuous rim blade designs, color-coded by application. In segmented blades, which are laser welded for long life and exceptional diamond bonding, every fifth segment of the blade is raised for fast, aggressive cuts. Turbo blades keep edges in constant contact with material for cool, smooth, and constant cutting. Continuous rim blades feature an ultra-smooth sintered rim for constant contact and chip-free results in wet or dry use. Bosch Power Tools and Accessories, 877-267-2499,

Fast and easy cutting

Operators can slice through rebar safely and efficiently with nothing more than the squeeze of a trigger. The HBC-19, HBC-25, and BC-25 rebar cutters have rated power from 9 to 12 amps, and can cut rebar up to 1 inch in diameter. Each has a 115-V, 60 Hz, single-phase motor to generate maximum cutting speeds from three to nine seconds. The electro-hydraulic units weigh from 27 to 129 pounds, so even overhead work requires minimal effort. Also available is the MB-25 portable rebar bender, which automatically bends rebar up to 1 inch in diameter. Multiquip, 800-421-1244,

Blowout-resistant pad forms

The patented stay-in-place Quick PadZ forms have perforated tabs built into their sturdy plastic corrugated sides for rebar insertion, minimizing setup time. The durable plastic material prevents blowouts and holds the rebar in place—eliminating the need for rebar tying and further reducing setup time. QuickFormZ, 800-983-6769,

Sidewalk grading system

The SGS 2000 cuts sidewalk grading time and costs by half. It includes a Topcon positioning system for precise, consistent grades, and a Komatsu PC50 excavator with steel track and rubber shoes. Blade attaches in less than 30 minutes, and conveniently folds over the excavator blade for transportation. Sidewalk Grading Systems, 253-686-4167,

Tilt-up bracing manufacturers & suppliers
Tilt-up bracing manufacturers & suppliers