Sustainable projects that push the limit of construction practices have been getting a lot of recognition lately. Projects such as CityCenter in Las Vegas, which is using a considerable amount of fly ash in specific concrete mix designs, and the St. Louis Community College, Wildwood, Mo., which employed recycled materials and sorted construction waste, not only use eco-friendly products but reduce construction time and integrate other construction industries and practices to create sustainable structures from the ground up. Although these buildings are amazing feats of design, they are just a sample of what sustainable construction can be.

Many different aspects involving a construction project add up to make a difference, to help make a project more sustainable. For example, collecting stormwater creates an easy way to irrigate local areas by reusing natural resources or employing decorative concrete eliminates the need to apply alternative flooring materials.

As part of our efforts to encourage sustainable construction practices, this year Concrete Construction, with our sister publication The Concrete Producer, introduced the GreenSite Projects of the Year contest. Honoring the concrete community's innovative contributions to green building, sustainable building practices were recognized that further establish concrete's role in creating long-lasting, eco-friendly structures that will stand the test of time.

Three projects were chosen as Concrete Construction's best projects of 2008. Each represent a specific category: Best Commercial Project, Best Residential Project, and Best Institutional Project.

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