Tulsa, Okla.-based CDCLarue produces the Pulse-Bac PB-550, a HEPA-certified vacuum designed to collect, capture, and control dust and debris generated by handheld power cutting, grinding, and sanding tools. Winner of the 2010 World of Concrete Most Innovative Product award, the PB-550 weighs 30 lbs., stands 25 in. tall and is 16 in. in diameter. This industrial-grade portable vacuum can generate 124 cfm of air flow, with 87 in. of lift.

Its patented Pulse-Bac technology automatically flushes filters clear of dust and debris to eliminate clogging and increase productivity. A dual-stage HEPA filtration process complies with current EPA RRP rules for working with hazardous materials.

The first stage of filtration uses twist-on HEPA H-13 filters. The second stage uses a preinstalled HEPA filter certified to eliminate 99.97% of dust particles at 0.3 micron at a 124-cfm flow rate. Pulse-Bac technology helps decrease filter replacement costs.

The PB550 has an 8-gallon tank capacity and comes with a 15-ft.-long, 1½-in.-diameter hose. Using its two 3-in. caster wheels and pull handles, you can tip the vacuum backward to pull it across uneven terrain, but it stays securely in place when not being moved.

The PB550 vacuum lists for $1155, and can be purchased online for about $980.