Polycuramine is a proprietary innovation of Citadel Floors Finishing Systems. It combines the best of Polyurea, Urethane and Epoxy chemistries. 20 times stronger than Epoxy and extremely versatile, it serves as the foundation for a multitude of the Citadel floor coating systems with no re-coat window. With a 96% solids content, it can be applied directly to concrete as a clear or tinted primer, basecoat or topcoat. Even heavily damaged floors can be finished in one coat. It shows amazing adhesion to multiple substrates, including bath and tile. This self-leveling product has no thickness limitations, and can be used as a build coat over heavily damaged floors. Polycuramaine is virtually odorless, making it ideal for an interior floor coating. Return to services times are 8 to 10 hours for walk on surface, and a 24 hour return to heavy use. This revolutionary innovation will change the face of the floor coatings industry.