Polyurea-2 Ultra the newest addition to the revolutionary single-component Polyurea products developed by Citadel Floor Finishing Systems.

Polyurea-2 Ultra has been developed to roll smoother than typical 100% solids products, and has amazing flow and leveling characteristics.  These properties make it extremely easy to use while virtually eliminating mixing errors, application errors, and costly wasted product.

The chemistry of Polyurea-2 Ultra features 100% solids for superior abrasion and chemical resistance properties with no odor, no VOC’s, and is 100% UV Stable!  It has no pot life, a high gloss finish and an application thickness range of anywhere between 4 and 16 mils.

Polyurea-2 Ultra is the perfect solution for industrial applications that require a durable coating with great chemical resistance such as commercial office spaces, large warehouse facilities, airplane hangers, and pharmaceutical facilities.

Polyurea-2 Ultra can be applied clear (as sold), or can be tinted to virtually any color with Citadel Universal Tint.

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