Clemons Concrete Coatings Super Seal S10 is a unique hybrid formula that protects concrete from freeze-thaw, salt and other elements that destroy concrete. Super Seal S10 can be applied to concrete that has solvent based acrylic sealer already on it. It allows the applicator to seal without the mess, time, and high cost of stripping existing sealer.

The Super Seal S10 is solvent based and has a special hybrid formula that allows the Silane and Siloxane to penetrate the existing sealer and seal without stripping the existing sealer. It is <400 VOC so it can be used in all Federal, LADCO, and OTC States.

Super Seal S10 does not alter the appearance of the concrete and does not form a film so it gives a non slip substrate. It is perfect for any concrete that a superior seal and a natural look are the goals!

S10 has superior water repellency and does not change the appearance of concrete. Add UV stable Super Color to S10 to stain and seal at the same time!

Clemons Concrete Coatings
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