Dual Port Charger
Makita Dual Port Charger

Makita's new Dual Port charger (DC18RD) holds two batters but can charge both at the same time because of the X2 system. This system allows 36-volt Makita tools to be powered by two 18-volt batteries.

Thanks to this new system, only one charger is necessary rather than two. In addition to the new system, if a tradesman finds himself with multiple depleted LXT batteries they can charge both in the same time that it would take to charge one:

The DC18RD contains the same technology (it monitors current, voltage, and temperature) as Makita’s standard single port charger. And like that charger, it has a fan, which blows air through the battery to cool it. This allows the battery to be charged more rapidly without overheating and reduces the amount of wait time before a hot battery can begin to be charged.

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