A new type of curved insulation panel system provides architects, builders and developers with a practical, cost-cutting product for the wall insulation market. Using the self-positioning, secured-in-place system, insulated concrete walls can be completed in a single pour, without resetting or adjusting forms. The insulation panels become an integral, permanent part of the wall, reportedly providing a plus R-9 factor and reducing heat loss by as much as 75 percent. In addition to their curved design, a unique feature of the 2-inch-thick cellular polystyrene panels is the protruding spacer tabs, on the outer side of each curve, that fit snugly against the wall form. The panels are available in three widths and two depths for use in standard 8-inch and 10-inch cast-in-place walls for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The panels replace approximately 25 percent of the concrete in a typical wall, but loss of structural strength and stability is nominal and can be entirely offset with standard vertical reinforcement. In addition to its quick payback in home basement walls, where 20 percent of most heat loss occurs, the system is particularly advantageous for use in below- and above-grade cast-on-site walls for warehouses, cold storage rooms, hospitals and other structures where temperature control and protected insulation are key considerations.