D-Drill – a Diamond Drilling and concrete cutting firm has developed a device which can cut granite curb stones to an angle to allow easy access by cars, bicycles and other vehicles.

The Cyclpath, devised by D-Drill managing director Julie White and her father means that curb stones which until now would have to be replaced involving road closures, excavating and disposal in landfill, can simply be cut and remain in place.

The Whites devised the machine when the company was approached to see if it could angle-cut a curb by a contractor creating a major new cycle path.

The patented machine’s first job was to cut 20 metres of granite curb just off Piccadilly Circus, Central London, to avoid closing off the road. The angled curb was required because it was a popular drop-off point for hotels, restaurants and boutique stores. Not only did the Cyclpath machine produce the desired effect, D-Drill introduced a new concept vapour-blast machine, to provide an identical finish and texture in-keeping with the rest of the street.

She said: “When we were originally approached, I presumed there would be a machine on the market. When I explored the UK and found nothing, I tapped into my contacts in the USA and elsewhere in the world and everyone was drawing a blank.

“The job in Denman Street was the perfect example of how it can work because the 90 degree curb was causing all sorts of difficulties for the cars that were dropping off there. They were getting dents and scrapes and it needed angling to 45 degrees to prevent it.

“We are really excited by what this new machine could lead to because it is perfect for cutting angled curbs for cycle paths – that was, in fact, what the original enquiry was about – and there is really healthy interest from councils and highway teams around the UK.

“We have proved that it works and we have proved the financial and environmental benefits. The potential both at home and abroad for these technologies is limitless.”

D-Drill Group. www.d-drill.co.uk

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