Volvo Penta makes a variety of engines.
Volvo Penta Volvo Penta makes a variety of engines.

Engines used to consume more fuel starting than if they were just left running. But modern engines start much more efficiently and significant fuel can be saved simply by turning the engine off whenever possible. Volvo Penta has taken that to the next step with an automatic start/stop option for its industrial diesel engines. The engines turn off, even at stop lights, after five to 10 seconds of idling and start back up as soon as any of the controls are touched. The company estimates this can save 5% or more in fuel consumption. “Fuel consumption is by far the biggest cost for operators of industrial equipment,” said Volvo’s president Ron Huibers. “When fuel can represent up to 90% of the machine’s lifetime operating costs, a reduction of up to five% in fuel consumption is extremely valuable.” For more, visit