Dayton Superior Corporation, is launching the latest addition to their accessories product portfolio, the Bar Lock D252L End Anchor.

The Bar Lock D252L End Anchor offers Type 2 splicing capabilities and is used to provide embedment anchorage while offering an additional degree of installation flexibility. It can easily be moved to an out-of-the-way position on rebar when needed, then slipped back into the final installation position. The Bar Lock D252L also allows for installation in an inverted position.

“This new Bar Lock D252L end anchor is closely related to Dayton Superior’s Bar Lock D251L and provides customers with additional options on the jobsite,” said Ryan Rostetter, Dayton Superior Product Manager for the Bar Lock product portfolio. “The value of the Bar Lock D252L is particularly relevant when mid-job engineering changes require an impromptu solution because it offers the flexibility to be positioned anywhere along the bar, even in heavy rebar congestion situations.”

Additionally, installation of the Bar Lock D252L can be done on the job site without any special preparation requirements, saving the contractor time and labor costs.

Dayton Superior Corp.

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