Bracing for formwork is needed for stability and alignment when storms and strong winds hit. Experience has left some important lessons for contractors working with wall formwork. One lesson is to avoid working in strong winds. Be sure to use adequate bracing and pay attention to the connection details. Anchor braces to something solid. With double-sided formwork, ties hold the forms together, resisting the lateral pressure of the concrete, but external supports are needed to resist applied working loads and wind pressure. Supports are needed not only when the formwork is erected in position, but also when it is merely standing on site awaiting next use.

The wall form is most vulnerable during erection of the first side, before any of the reinforcing steel has been placed. Bracing should be put in place as soon as possible for such forms, particularly when there is any possibility of strong wind. Wind can come from any direction and the bracing system must be ready for it. If braces are positioned on only one side of the wall, they must be able to take either tension or compression and their connections have to do the same.