A wheelbarrow is only a wheelbarrow, right? One is as good as the next, right? Wrong. Wheelbarrows are not all the same. Some last longer and some let you last longer using them. Here are a few tips on how to choose a good one and how to use it properly.


You have three choices: a seamless steel tray, a folded steel tray or a plastic tray. Plastic trays are molded from cross-linked polyethylene. They do not rust, and reportedly concrete does not stick to them, shovels do not cut them, and a sledgehammer will not dent them. If you choose a wheelbarrow with a steel tray, choose a seamless steel tray made of at least 16- or 17-gauge steel.


If you are handling very heavy loads, which you are if you are handling concrete, a wheelbarrow with two wheels might provide more stability, allow fewer spills and make pushing easier. Several types of tires are available: tubeless tires, tires with tubes, 2-ply tires, 4-ply tires, foam-filled tires and solid rubber tires.