The P3246 concrete insert is designed for heavy duty applications with up to 5,700 lbs. tension capacity in 3,000 psi concrete.

The P3246 is used for hanging piping equipment, shelving, mechanical boxes and more. Its unique conical design and non-conductive cross-bars provide incredible strength while minimizing the risk of unintended electrical contact. One P3246 has the load carrying capacity to replace multiple ceiling anchorage points, minimizing the number of inserts needed. This results in a cleaner installation with significant material and labor cost savings.

The P3246 threaded rod is available in a wide range of sizes, from ¾” to 1-½”. It includes standard fiberglass rods to interface with the rebar or reinforcing rods to electrically isolate the insert from the rebar mesh reducing the potential for galvanic couple. The P3246 has a stainless steel body for strength and corrosion protection. It meets several industry and federal specifications.


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