Shoulder paving of concrete has become a practical reality through the use of a paver which was designed by Francis Toepfer, construction superintendent for Jansen and Schaefer, contractors in Pekin, Illinois. The machine, which slip-forms concrete shoulders as fast as the mix can be supplied, made its debut on a 4.2 mile section of Illinois route 116 in East Peoria. A machine was built for 4 foot and 8 foot widths, for paving the inside and outside shoulders. The basic design consists of a simple 8 inch by 8 inch H beam frame with a loading hopper at the front, and a fixed extrusion box and strike-off plate at the rear. Three crossbar mounted spud vibrators consolidate the concrete as it is received in the hopper from the trucks. The unit frame is heavily weighted with concrete blocks and scrap iron in order to prevent floating.