Builders, already accustomed to new and creative uses for concrete, will be interested in the Fremont County Courthouse in Colorado, which combines concrete, stone and cooper in an outstanding design. The exterior walls are of rough surfaced native marble capped with a total of 32 huge panels of copper laminated to concrete. Each panel weighs 2 1 /2 tons. Interior panels of considerably smaller size were constructed in the same way. Sixteen ounce sheet copper was formed into identical triangular pans 4 inches deep. To the back side of each pan were fixed a series of copper clips or anchors to increase the bonding strength between the sheet copper and the concrete. A coating of epoxy mortar was applied to the back side of each panel and reinforcing bars were tacked across the backs of the pans. Following the curing process each 12 pan trapezoid was lifted into place, alternately pointing up and down, and secured to the structural steel of the building.