The Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association will stop publishing its Safety Standard CPMA 27-2000 as of June 10, 2009. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers B30.27-2009 Safety Standard now contains all the pertinent information that had been contained in the CPMA standard, including safety information aimed at the pumping portion of concrete pumping systems, making CPMA 27-2000 redundant and unnecessary.

ASME B30.27-2009 contains information that should be of interest to manufacturers, distributors, owners, and operators of system components, pumps and booms. It is advisable to obtain a copy and implement any changes necessary to ensure compliance with the specifications. It is assumed that the specifications will be used by regulatory and legal entities as a benchmark against which the manufacturers and users will be judged.

Copies of ASME B30.27-2009 are available directly from ASME at use the 'codes and standards' link, then enter B30.27 into the 'keywords' field. The standard is also available from Global and other standards retailers.

Questions or requests for interpretation regarding the ASME standard should be addressed to: Secretary of the B30 committee, ASME, Three Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5990.