Automated postal handling equipment virtually dictated the plan shape, final design and construction methods being applied in the creation of a single-story concrete building that will be the largest post office in the United States. The new postal facility is under construction in Kearny, New Jersey. Architects Comparetto and Kenny, Jersey City, and structural engineers Harwood and Gould, New York, moved as a team from a single dictate: house equipment with a predetermined layout. The architects sought a highly sculptured look for both the interior and exterior facade. Toby Form Service of New York was called upon to study and solve the forming problem. The firm's engineering department produced some 100 form drawings, the majority requiring custom-made forms. Both plywood forms and fiberglass units were specified. Where concrete surfaces were to be visible, the fiberglass forms were used to produce the glass smooth finish envisioned by the architects. In addition, specially designed forms were needed to produce geometric shapes. In all, about 5,000 individual forms were supplied for the entire structure. Fiberglass dome pans, 40 inches square and 16 inches deep, were used for the ceiling and floor. Pan forms were nailed in place on wood frames, reinforcing bars and mesh were laid, and the concrete was placed. The dome pans were put to several uses.