Professionals are exposed to significant health hazards on jobsites when dust is thrown into the air from concrete and drilling applications. In an effort to reduce this risk, Bosch introduces the HDC100, HDC200, HDC250 and HDC300 — an all-new lineup of dust collection attachments for its SDS-plus and SDS-max spline hammers. When paired with the new nine- and 14-gallon dust extractors, these products set a new standard in dust collection by removing dust and dirt as soon as it is created. Bosch is also increasing the versatility of its best-in-class SDS-plus hammers through the RHA-50, an improved right-angle attachment to make drilling concrete in tight spaces more efficient than ever.

The Bosch HDC100 is engineered to collect dust during concrete drilling applications before it enters the air through a dust cap that surrounds the tip of the bit. A metal telescoping rail retracts into the housing to accommodate the drilling application and improve jobsite durability. The new HDC100 is compatible with most newer Bosch corded SDS-plus hammers

In addition to dust collection for SDS-plus hammers, the new HDC200 and HDC250 are designed for drilling applications for the larger SDS-max and spline hammers. These flexible systems are not tool specific and connect directly to a Bosch dust extractor (vacuum). The air suction through one of the two specially designed air chambers sucks the unit to the wall, while the second air chamber allows the drilling bit to pass through for the actual dust collection process.

During chiseling applications, the HDC300 focuses air suction from the dust extractor around the chisel for maximum dust collection. Thanks to a durable clamping band, this flexible chiseling attachment easily installs on all Bosch SDS-max, spline rotary and demolition hammers with exception of the 11316EVS SDS-max Demolition Hammer. The HDC300 is unique in that it allows the user to access the chisel for installation/removal and/or adjustment without removing the attachment.

Finally, when drilling in hard-to-reach spaces becomes an issue, Bosch leads the way in providing efficient and effective solutions. The RHA-50 SDS-plus Right Angle Attachment allows for effortless drilling in tight areas and can also pivot 360 degrees in order to obtain the correct working position.

All of the dust extraction attachments and the right-angle attachment will be available in May 2014 at authorized dealers nationwide. Suggested retail prices for the HDC100, HDC200 and HDC250 are listed at $69 each; SRP for the HDC 300 is $109; and the RHA-50 retails for $219. To find out more or to locate a dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99.