• Custom built, heavy duty 4-1/2" cylinder is held in place by two 2-1/2" diameter heat treated pins.
  • With 18" of stroke, The Mega Beak opens to its full 57" potential.
  • All hydraulic components are shipped pressure tested ready to hook up and go to work.

The Mega-Beak is custom built to fit excavators that are 16-40 metric tons. This attachment is great for demolition, allowing the operator to take down a structure and pull up the footings without having to change attachments. The unique fork grapple design features crowbar style forks that are great for demolition and large scale concrete tear outs. Its massive jaw utilizes the full power of the machine’s hydraulic force securing large loads of material. The Mega-Beak is made with the highest quality materials and techniques when it is built.

Daniel Mfg. Inc.

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