A plastic forming system designed to save form erection and stripping time needs no nailing, double staking, or form release agents for assembly. Its basic components include 2x4- or 2x6-inch forms, end connectors, and cam lock clamps. The hollow forms are about one-third the weight of wood. Molded plastic connectors stapled into the ends of each form allow workers to snap forms together for setup and unsnap them when stripping. Each form has a dovetail slot that runs the entire length of one side. Reusable cam lock clamps can be inserted anywhere along the slot to coincide with stake locations, even after the form is in place.

To further reduce form assembly time on large projects, workers can relocate connected form sections. Tear-down of the plastic forms is as fast as setup. Open the cam locks by hand or well-placed kicks to release them from the stakes, then twist each clamp 90 degrees to remove it from the form. Unlike rigid wood or metal forms, the plastic forms bend in any direction to form inside or outside radiuses as tight as 5 feet. For even tighter radiuses of just a few inches, you can cut a series of slits into one side of the form. One slit in the slotted side of the form creates a hinge that allows the form to be bent at an angle many times without separating.