Shaped to fit around a bolt or anchor, the horseshoe shims are frequently used during installation of storefronts, such as in applications where the shim is placed vertically. According to Simon Braune, Vice President, Grove Products, this shim was designed to provide the masonry and window markets with a 3/16-inch shim to save labor as only one shim needs to be selected for this depth.

Grove Shims are easy to use for levelling and aligning dead loads. Designed for easy insertion where installation is required, especially where the object being shimmed is installed first and then shimmed. U-shaped are sized to fit around a ½-inch bolt or anchor point and packaged 1,000 to a case. The shims also are available in a non-combustible form, created in response to requests from customers who needed a replacement for costly metal shims used to meet fireproof specifications.

According to Braune, Grove Products’ plastic shims are a fraction of the cost of corrodible metal shims. Further, the shims will not rot, mildew, stain or deteriorate like wood and they can be embedded right into the joint without jeopardizing the integrity of the compound. This saves time and the expense of having to remove them once they are in place. Guaranteed thickness and color-coding eliminates the guesswork during installation. Consistent shim dimensions also ensure they can be precisely stacked for custom-fitting irregular joint variances. Plus, the slotted design easily slips over the top of bolts, making placement faster and easier.

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