Strong, rigid, and easy to assemble, a unique gang forming system developed by a Canadian formwork contractor requires few, if any, external supports. It also adapts easily to most forming needs, from simple wall forming to more complex slipforming. The 3-inch-thick insulation in the panels provides an R factor of more than 20. In the winter, temporary enclosures and heaters aren't needed in ambient temperatures as low as 0 degrees. During hot weather, the panels improve curing conditions by minimizing evaporation and protecting concrete from exposure to direct sunlight and drying wind. Because the panels can be assembled and moved without walers, the system adapts easily to different wall lengths and heights. Modifications to ganged forms usually require only attachment or removal of panels. The system manufacturer guarantees 100 reuses for each panel and estimates that 150 reuses are average. Because the metal panel components are aluminum, they will not rust. The plywood facing resists warping because it's sealed by the polymer overlay and bonded to the aluminum frame and corrugation.