Every contractor is interested in finding new ways to increase both his production and his profits. The following are but a few of the ideas in practice today, but it is hoped that readers will find them useful. Storage and working space are always a problem, and on some jobs the problem is very acute. Here is a suggestion that can help remedy the problem if the job calls for gang forming and if liners or rustication strips are used. Using available lumber such as 4 by 4 by 6 inch, or double 2 by 4's, a supporting rack or frame can be built to accommodate gang sections. The forms may be placed on edge or in a vertical position. Not only does it help in storing in limited space, but lifting brackets can be left secured to the sections for quick movement. Although gang forming is usually a fast method of forming on repetitive work, there are times when large sections become a little tricky to handle. This sometimes occurs in the stripping or breaking loose of a section from the concrete. To assist in gang forming, one contractor came up with a quick stripping idea. A steel hook, attached to the stationary drum in the crane's cab was hooked onto the second line of walers on the gang section. With the use of two carpenters at the top of the wall, the section was pried loose at the top. The crane operator, moving the drums simultaneously, exerted both upward pull with the boom hitch and outward pull with the stationary drum, popping loose the whole form in virtually a single action. The big advantage to such a method, especially on large sections, is that it requires a minimum of men, since almost all the work is done by the crane. Another problem frequently encountered on the jobsite is the loss of hardware. Some contractors have developed their own techniques for preventing hardware loss. One such solution was to make portable, compartmented bins. As the forms were stripped, the hardware was gathered in buckets and then separated into proper compartments. This helped to keep the recovery rate up. Slab forming of multi-story work can require some unique ideas. One contractor used a prefab shoring system and a unique stringer arrangement. Above this the contractor formed the beams with plywood and completed the deck forming. This design saved the forming up the complete deck and which, in turn, saved for other uses a great deal of forming equipment.